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Super abrasion resistant for heaviest service conditions, abrasive materials with a large proportion of fines. The conveyor belt designed in accordance with a modern concept, this means a minimum number of plies combined with a high splice strength and excellent mechanical characteristics. Regardless of the tensile strength its carcass consists of two, three, four,
or five EP fabric plies with an extra thick inter ply skim of high quality rubber compound.

The belts are available in standardized widths up to maximum 1200 mm. EP100 , EP125 , EP160 , EP200 , EP250 Other types are available on application.

DIAMOND is supplied with mould or cut edges. DIAMOND-DS is more than quality it's super abrasion resistant for heaviest service.

For types of bulk materials transport under light to heaviest of service, high impact conditions, in raw material industries, in stone mining, in the steel industry, cement plant, coal mines, handling, etc.

The belt can be made endless by hot or cold splicing It is also possible to use mechanical fasteners.
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