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Repar Material

Diamond patches

Developed for, easy, lasting repairs of superficial converyorv belt damage, these rubber patches must be used with TRS-2002 or TRS-2004 cement mixed with hardener.


Cover strips

Designed to protect splices on carrying and pulley side.


Uncured rubber

Cold vulcanizing Cement
(inflammable,contains no chlorinated solvent)

Approx. quantity required per square meter
• Splices                     1.1 kg
• Rubber to rubber    1.0 kg
• Rubber to meta       0.9 kg

Lightly stirring TRS-2004 cement and harener is not sufficient.
They must be mixed well prior to use.

improving the elasticity and bonding strength of cold-vulcanized splices, these are also used for the vulcanization of conveyor belt cleats and undulated edges.
Metal Primer

Lightly stirring the metal primer is not sufficient. It must be well mixed prior to use.

this product provides an exceptionally strong bond between metal and rubber.
Reactive solvent
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