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Daimoflex Conveyor belting

The Diamoflex conveyor belt is a belt is belt designed in accordance with a modern concept; this means a minimum number of plies combined with a high splice strength and excellent mechanical characteristics. Click Here for details

Rubber Conveyor Belt Ware Resistance
Rubber conveyor belt 
Hi abrasion resistance
Rubber conveyor belt

Super  abrasion resistance
Rubber conveyor belt

  Extra abrasion resistance

Rubber Conveyor Belt Oil Resistance

Rubber conveyor belt
Vegetable Oil and Grease Resistance

Rubber conveyor belt
Petrocamecal Oil Resistance


Rubber Conveyor Belt Heat Resistance
Rubber conveyor belt Heat Resistance Temp (120°-170°)
Rubber conveyor belt Heat Resistance Temp (170°-220°)
Rubber conveyor belt Heat Resistance Temp (220°-350°)

• Accessories
Rubber Sheeting
Rubber Sheet
Rubber Skirt
Belt Scraper
Rubber Lagging
Rubber cleate
Rubber sidewall
Impact bars
Repar Material
Diamond patches
Cover strips
Uncured rubber
Cold vulcanizing Cement
Metal Primer
Reactive solvent

Rolling Rubber
Carrier Roller
Return Roller
Guide Roller
Impact Roller
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